Met A Reader Last Night: The Honor Was Mine

A few days ago, I received an email from a reader saying that he was in Singapore and asked to meet up. He said he resonated really well with my articles.

What did I think about?

No, I didn’t meet up with him for networking purposes in hopes of working together. In fact, I did wonder if that was his ulterior motive. Call me cynical, but I’ve wasted many hours of my life going out to meet friends who claim they want to catch up, but were actually looking to “collaborate” on some stupid idea just so they can make use of me as a writer.

No, I didn’t meet up with him to carry out my “fan service” just so I can boost my ego, and then further boost said ego by making an article out of it for the sake of marketing.

I met up with him for a new experience.

I’ve since made adjustments by blocking them out completely.

I hence wanted to meet new people to open myself up to new conversations.

We ended up drinking, chilling and partying at a club.

But truly Olivier, the honor was mine.

So thank you.

Of all the nights Ive gone home totally smashed and drunk, this was the first time I went to sleep with a smile on my face as I thought, “Hey. I did a good thing today.”

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