Maybe You’re Just A God Damn Cry Baby

I was talking to a friend one day about my anger issues and shit.

I poured my heart out. I opened up. That’s something I rarely ever do.

Then out of nowhere he replied, “No offence. I am not insulting you or anything, but there’s nothing but a cry baby inside of you.

If you truly are the tortured soul with a ton of issues, you wouldn’t be here talking to me right now. You’d be somewhere else doing drugs, be with your gang or in jail.”

Yep. So much for seeking validation.

So maybe you should look within yourself today.

Are you truly suffering?

Are your problems and issues really so bad that it’s killing you today? Are they not allowing you get out of bed? Are they turning you into a monster? A psychopath? Are they in total control, truly? Are you really alone in this world?

Is your life really that fucking bad?

Or are you just a cry baby?

Life is too short to be ruled over by your problems now man. Be happy! Smile! Get my free book: 12 Things Happy People Don’t Give a Fuck About!