Maybe Your Passion Is In Deep Sleep

It’s easy to go out to have a few beers with your friends say you enjoy hanging out with your friends.

It’s easy to take up a sport, have a little fun with it and then call it your passion.

It’s easy to do some volunteer work and then say it’s something you love because it’s a good thing to do.

It’s even easier to follow the choices of others who are trying to teach you how to find your passion.

But perhaps, these are wrong.

They aren’t even close to being your passion.

Maybe your passion is in deep sleep.

It’s something you like doing alone.

It’s something wild and different, so different that speaking about it to others can draw criticism.

It’s something you aren’t even good at, much less have talent in.

But it’s there.

It’s that little spark.

And one day perhaps it can be fire from a dragon’s mouth.

I know you know that it’s in there.

Acknowledge it. Stop denying it. Let it surface a little. Stop fearing what others may think about it and you.

Set it free one day.

Of late I’ve been pretty interested in checking videos and articles that speak the truth, or the ‘other voice’ when it comes to societal issues or mainstream news. I particularly like strong voices that go against the collective one that try to drown out the truth, voices like Jordan Peterson’s and Janice Fiamengo. I love how they debunk mainstream news in a logical manner and bring out the truth.

I am no political person. I never was. But I always love the truth and the tiny voice that comes with it. My new passion? Perhaps. But it’s definitely something that I feel helps me grow as a person. This is not something I talk about with my friends.

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