Life Is Not A Blog Post

There is no Top 10 list that’s going to change your life.

There is no simple trick or life hack that’s going to make everything better instantly.

There is no alternative cure that is going to cure you of a disease that scientists of the world can’t even handle.

There is no one video that is going to inspire you forever.

There is no online course or eBook that’s going to make you millions overnight.

There is no way you can do the same shit some celebrity is doing and expect the same viral results.

There is no straight answer.

This shit you’re reading here, right here, in front of you:

It’s not your life.

The story is not yours.

Life is not a blog post.

Life is not a social media account.

Life is not on the internet.

Life is just way more complicated out there.

Where like it or not, things will not go the way you want.

Some days will be good, while some days will be shit.

Bad things will happen to you despite you trying to be good.

Life is unfair. Period.

But then, it gets better.

So just live.

It’ll be an interesting story to tell.

And that story continues on forever.

Way longer than a mere blog post.

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