Letter To The Kid Who Is Eating Alone

I wrote this little something something a while back. Eating alone was a grand gesture to me back then in high school. I was one of those who felt weird eating alone in the cafeteria. I thought everyone would be judging me to be that lone, loser kid who had no friends.

Today, I prefer to eat alone since there’s no hassle, but I still hold dear to the idea that people who dare to eat alone are pretty confident people. I actually know of adults who seem to need to be around people all the time for whatever reason. It gets kind of annoying because they come across as really clingy.

Yo kid who was eating alone,

You rock. You absolutely rock.

When I was in high school, I feared eating alone. I was insecure. I feared being lonely. I also feared what others would think of me if I looked lonely. I’d admire other kids who would dare to eat alone.

You aren’t like that. You’re awesome. You’re so fucking sure of yourself that you know you’re just eating a meal and giving your body the nutrients it needs.

You don’t give a shit about what others think. You’re focused on your own food and your own good. That’s great.

You’re young, so maybe you think the world is a weird, scary, confusing place. Maybe you already think that us adults know what the hell we’re doing with our lives, as if we’re perfect.

You know nothing of the adult world, where guess what? Many of us don’t even dare to take up the act of eating alone. They think it’s weird. They get insecure because of this.

You’ve no idea how far ahead you are with that innocent mind of yours. In a way, you not knowing shit is a great thing as an entire, mind-blowing blow is about to open up to you and blow your damn mind.

Such innocence, which I hope you have for the rest of your life. Such confidence, which I hope doesn’t waver.

So continue eating alone kid. That’s great. Fuck what your friends think. I hope you have friends of course. Maybe you can share that awesome innocence with them. I hope none of you spend your time glued to the phone too.

Continue eating alone you. You’re doing great.

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