My brain! Where is it?!

Kids Are Kids, But Brains Are Still Brains

I was looking through my Instagram feed one day and stumbled upon a screenshot my friend put up.

He was answering questions in one of those social network sites where anonymous users can ask questions.

Why? I don’t know why. I think these sites are dumb.

Anyway, one question stood out and it was pretty fucked up:

“How many minors have you raped?”

Obviously, it was a troll.

But I was extremely disgusted.

I am pretty sure that the asker was a kid.

Truly, generation gaps exist today and when you realize that you’re part of the older generation, you tend to wonder what the hell is wrong with the younger ones.

At this point, most people would say shit like, “Oh, kids are just kids.”

They’re immature.

They’re still young.

They need to learn.

Sorry, but no dice. Kids are kids, but brains are still brains.

It doesn’t take a genius to be an adult or act like one even if you’re not one yet.

It’s not rocket science to know what is right from wrong.

It’s not (that) hard to make the positive choice instead of a toxic one.

It isn’t difficult to know whether a joke has gone too far or not.

Kids: If you think rape is funny, especially against minors, you need psychiatric help.

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