Recently I read about this lady from China who died from thirst and starvation as she was trapped in a lift. Apparently, the maintenance people didn’t bother to check if anyone was inside before deactivating everything and leaving for their Chinese New Year holidays.

It was also reported that there were scratch marks on the interiors, a sign of her trying to desperately get out.

Of course, this disturbed me to no end, like what the fuck man?

These facts were reported. But did anybody bother to find what kind of person she was? Not really. That’s something only her family and friends would know.

She probably does have family and friends, and that means she was a decent person, somebody who was trying to live.

Does it matter then, if she was good or bad person?

I don’t think it fucking mattered at all.

In fact, it doesn’t matter at all for anybody.

You can’t control everything.

Innocent people can hurt.

Bad people get seemingly rewarded.

Children are born to simply suffer and die.

Life is a mystery. That is a fact.

Is karma real? Or something we tell ourselves just to make sense of the world, like, “Oh it’s okay. I believe in karma. He’s going to get what’s coming to him.” I’ve heard this bullshit tons of times.

How would you know? Are you going to be there to see your wrongdoer suffer? Are you going to ‘use’ karma in the name of revenge?

Or is just wishful thinking?


You can’t know everything.

Life isn’t a feel-good movie where the good guy eventually gets rewarded while the bad guy finally suffers or die.

Maybe… stop deluding yourself?

You can’t filter reality. Life has its ups and then it has its downs. You’re going to be happy sometimes, and then you’re going to be sad or angry sometimes. And then, sometimes life becomes unfair while sometimes you gain some windfalls, all for reasons you cannot ever see.

That is life. This is balance.

You don’t need the idea of karma to feel like your wrongdoer will get what’s coming or that you’ll be sufficiently rewarded one day.


You need to focus inwards and into your life so you can work on the things that matter most.

You need to stop giving a fuck about the bad guys because they don’t matter.

You need to stop worrying for the world as if it’s your responsibility.

You need to make the choice to be happy since you’re going to die anyway.

Life is for you to enjoy. Remember that.

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