Journalists Are Not Writers

Okay I don’t mean to sound like an asshole here… Oh fuck it.

You know when people preface with shit like that, it means they’re going to sound exactly like that anyway.

So yeah, this is just my opinion, and I’m laying this out there to see what others think:

Journalists Are Not Writers


Writers are artists. They use words to express themselves and create stories to make people feel something they can’t feel anywhere else.


Journalists need tools to get their message across. And most commonly today, they need headlines, memes and other journalists to piggyback on in order to create news for the sole of fulfilling their company’s agenda only.

Yep. That’s what I think.

I’m definitely speaking from my own experience only. You don’t have to point that out.

I’ve worked in an office filled with journalists before. Let’s just say they’re trying to be a local Buzzfeed.

I can honestly tell you that their approach to dishing out articles reflected strongly in their attitude in life.

And I didn’t like it at all.

Everything was a piece of news. There was no sensitivity.

Everything was seen as something to further their own agenda.

It was pretty much, “Hey did you hear about [hot news of the day]? Shit! Let’s quickly spin something out of it and share it!”


A write would look at it, write about it, relate his or her life to it and at the very least, reveal something the average reader would have missed out on.

That’s it.

Your thoughts?

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Alden Tan

Alden Tan

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