It’s like suddenly, you realize you get to be okay

Every time I went through a breakup, or got my heart broken by some girl, the point I always got better is when I realize I get to do my own shit at great convenience.

It was like, “Hey, I don’t need to pause my video game to reply her texts anymore.”

“I don’t need to keep paying attention to my phone during this movie to reply her text.”

“I don’t need to worry about other dudes hitting on her while she’s out partying.”

“I don’t need to see her stupid ass friends anymore!”

“I get to spend more time with my friends!”

“Wow, it feels great to talk to somebody and not have to watch my words for fear of pissing them off over some minor bullshit.”

“I saved so fucking much money!”

“I get to party and talk to any girl I want!”

“I get to take long, uninterrupted naps.”

“My best friend is super upset now because he just had a big fight with his girl. Look at him, being all down and shit. I am SO fucking glad that’s not me. Let me just drink my beer while he whines.”

Among others.

So that’s the thing: Never underestimate the power of convenience and how the little things can make you so much happier despite losing someone you were once in love with.

Breakups hurt, but you will be fine.

There may be a void once he or she leaves, but it’s not like it’s the end of the world; it’s not like some new, majestic being need to come in and save you; it’s not like it has to take a long time to heal.

Just fill that void with a bunch of cool shit.

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