It’s 2017, nobody gives a shit about the truth anymore bro

People only give a shit about their feelings!

So don’t hurt them.

Don’t say bad things about them.

Be extremely careful with your words so you don’t offend them.

Do not assume their gender for you never know what it is.

Do not feed them the wrong food for they may be vegan or avoiding gluten or whatever.

Do not ‘like’ the wrong status for it could send the wrong message.

Do not be honest with them.

Don’t tell them what they need to hear.

Only tell them what they want to hear.

Make them feel better with lies even though it’s not going to help them grow.

Throw the truth away. It’s useless today.

Yes, no?

Whatever. Do you know how ridiculous people are getting these days?





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Alden Tan

Alden Tan

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