It’s all about not making excuses I guess. Busy is bullshit. Everybody is busy today. Check out the 24-Hours No-excuses rule I made up. Hopefully it gives people some perspective:

Okay here we go.

You’ve 24 hours in a day.

Let’s say you slept 8 hours, which is arguably more than enough.

You now have 16 hours left.

Now you gotta get your butt to work! Let’s say your commute is 1 hour.

You now have 15 hours left.

And you’ve got your nine to six, your eight to five, whatever. That’s a total 9 hours.

You now have 6 hours left.

You take an hour to go home now.

That’s 5 hours left.

Bitch wait! I’m not merciless. Let me give you a little 2-hour nap so you can freshen up, recharge and shit.

That’s 3 hours left.

You’ve 3 hours, every single god damn day in your life to do whatever it is you want!

You can work on your passion project. You can work on your business. You can go catch up with that friend you haven’t met in a while. You can plan a budget to go on your next vacation. You can create art. You do whatever!

And you can’t tell me you’re tired because you just took a 2 hour nap!

Wait… what’s that?

Life just doesn’t work that way?!

Traffic was bad today?

The queue at Burger King was extra long today?

It rained today and you got stuck?

Your girlfriend or boyfriend decided to be super annoying and difficult today and demanded for your time?


These are just fucking excuses.

You don’t have a time problem. You’ve an entire life to worry, lounge around, work or basically do shit you hate anyway.

Or you can finally man up, take responsibility for your own life and finally achieve the shit you want.




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Alden Tan

Alden Tan

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