Interesting article, especially since it’s broken down into legit theories.

As a sole blogger and entrepreneur for the past 6 years, I fully agree that the idea of passion is overplayed, dangerous and can actually limit you.

But it’s something that is still intriguingly powerful.

I must say passion made me stubborn throughout my journey as I refused to dabble in any other fields or skills.

Yet, passion (as a writer) is what keeps me in check. Honestly, whenever I try to learn something new, the internal and external resistance is so strong that I wonder if it’s the right thing. The world is yelling at me to get out of my comfort zone (now that’s an overplayed expression too), while passion at least is telling me how to be happy.

These two forces is tricky.

But I guess that’s life after all, tricky.

Our problems aren’t gonna be solved by mere ideas or advice we can get online.




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Alden Tan

Alden Tan

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