In Making Your Intentions, Goals, Dreams And Purpose More Romantic

It becomes more meaningful.

I spent an hour last night watching this video by Charlie Kaufman, acclaimed screenwriter who has been nominated for Academy Awards behind his screenplays such as Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind and Synecdoche, New York.

As the title states, it’s about writing advice.

But it’s nothing cliched or generic that borders on being another typical “how to” tutorial on writing or another set of tips and tricks.

Charlie gets personal and intimate to why he writes and why he thinks writing is powerful.

He talks about how we have our own special story to tell.

He talks about how good writing makes people feel less lonely.

He talks about how you should write to give back something to the world.

A screenplay is an exploration. It’s about the thing you don’t know. It’s a step into the abyss. It necessarily starts somewhere, anywhere; there is a starting point but the rest is undetermined. It is a secret, even from you. There’s no template for a screenplay, or there shouldn’t be. There are at least as many screenplay possibilities as there are people who write them.”

– Charlie Kaufman

Again, when you romanticize your intentions, goals, dreams and purpose, everything becomes more meaningful.

No, it’s not about exaggerating it for the sake of sensation and glamor.

It’s not about trying to seek attention either.

It’s about being extremely honest with who you are.

Because I am certain that you’ve been scared before in your life, and something at some point of time saved you at least once.

When you were scared, everything you felt was very real, albeit perhaps at times, a tad dramatic.

And something equally real, saved you.

That’s how you should work then: Romantically.

I dare say this is the true path to success, for anything less it too easy.

It’s too easy to wake up and say that you want to make a million dollars, become famous, travel the world, buy expensive shit or make your friends envious.

It’s not romantic at all. In fact, it’s downright selfish and boring. They’re of low standards.

This is my romantic saying then:

When people ask why I love to write, I always answer, “Because good writing allows people to feel something deep down they never knew existed.”

It has always been just that.

Let me add now then:

“When they find out what they’re able to feel inside, they can go to new places.

They become more brave to trudge through the dark path.

It gives them a sense of identity so they don’t need to feel lost while surrounded by millions of people.

It makes them happy knowing that stories, tales and essays give notions of possibilities far beyond what society gives us.

It allows me to give.

Indeed, you can feel less lonely.”

What is your romantic story?

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