If you jump at the chance to be mean, then the relationships is already over

I remember dating some girls from long ago who would jump at the chance to be really mean to me.

I somehow set them off.

I said the wrong thing. I brought up the wrong thing. I did the wrong thing. I forgot a small thing. I looked at the wrong thing.


But the point is, I was extremely startled by their reaction. I’d get screamed out. I’d face a freeze-out. I’d be handed a scolding where suddenly all, and I do mean ALL my flaws would surface.


The relationships all died soon after.

That’s the thing: If you feel the need to take it out on your partner, or the people around you the minute they commit a mistake; or you’re actually happy that you get to lash out at them…

… then the relationship is as good as over.

The people you love or the people who love you are not meant to be your punching bag.

A real relationship between two people who care about each other would try to understand each other, work on it together and definitely not want to intentionally hurt each other.

Think about it.