I think consistency is truly the key to business success, success being something you define yourself.

It’s fucking easy to learn something today and in turn think that applying it once or twice is enough to master some tactic or whatever.

Add to that, with the way the internet works, it’s easy to get caught up in the idea that by just learning, we can eventually go viral or hit a home run.

Or, we think that we need to be lucky.

I am definitely no expert. If anything I feel pissed and frustrated more often than not.

I’ve come to learn it’s all about consistency and just doing the work every day because you love it; because you want to help others.

Then viral, breakthrough, milestone, weird ass luck will happen one day. When exactly? Who knows?

Ain’t nobody can predict the future. Not even successful people. When they guarantee something, they’re only using their personal hindsight, which doesn’t apply to you.

Okay this comment got a lot longer than I thought.

Work hard and be consistent peeps!



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