Alden Tan
1 min readMar 7, 2016


I once worked in an office for a media website. I freelanced for them. They had good traffic and were very consistent were content.

But… as a writer, I fell so out of place. I hated their culture. It was always only about numbers, traffic, advertising etc.

Call me an asshole, but personally, journalists are not writers to me.

Writers use words to create.

Journalists use headlines, memes and (mostly bullshit) news to piggyback on.

Well at least they did.

Trust me when I say this: It was not just in their writing. Shit like that reflects even in their character and attitude. I saw it. I was very irked whenever they treated people from news pieces as statistics and numbers, which they’d then use for their own agenda.

The last straw for me then was when they edited my latest article into a piece of shit.