I love being a writer so much that I got a pen tattooed on me

I wrote about this before as a introductory, or rather a brag-like post to show off my latest tattoo, but I feel this deserves deeper attention.

Yes, I got a tattoo of a pen because I love being a writer.

Is this hardcore? Is this extreme? Is this crazy?!

You bet your ass it is! And I love it!

It’s not about getting a permanent mark on your body just to symbolize that you love something of course. That’s any individual’s preference.

And notice I said love being a writer, and not love writing.

It’s simply about representing who you are, your passion and your culture.

Oh it’s so easy to talk about passion these days.

People like to say, “Follow your heart and you wouldn’t have to work a day in your life.”

“This is my passion and I do it every Friday after work.”

“I like it! I guess you can say I’m pretty passionate about it.”

NAH! That ain’t enough!

Look man…

Passion isn’t just a mere hobby, pastime or interest you dabble in from to time.

Passion isn’t something you cash in so you can tell others you feel like you don’t have to work.

Passion isn’t something you merely have fun with.

Passion isn’t something you want to have just because others say it’s important to.

Passion is a deep fire that propels you to become the awesome person you’re meant to be as you live and breathe a lifestyle and a culture you wholeheartedly wish to represent.

Passion is what makes sense of this world, breaking through the noise and abundance of information and making things clear to you.

Passion is what identifies you, allowing you to know that you’re part of something even greater than yourself.

Passion is what pushes you, motivating you to want to become better not because of competition, but because you just want to be better.

Passion is art, where you gain the ability to experiment, express and ultimately create something that’d allow you and others feel something deep within they never thought existed.

Passion is a mark of a meaningful life, so when you die, you can look back and know you that you’ve left a legacy.

I love my passion so much that it’s tattooed on me.

What about you?


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Alden Tan

Alden Tan


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