I Just Told Two Kids To Shut The Fuck Up During Avengers: My Thoughts On The Movie (No Spoilers)

I caught a 10:50AM screening of Avengers: Infinity Wars this morning.

I watched it alone. Yes, I watch most of my movies alone. I prefer it that way because there’s no hassle.

Here are my thoughts littered through the experience.

I told two high school kids to shut the fuck up

Alas, my catching of a morning screening backfired somewhat as it was filled with high school kids. What more, all of them were boys.

Two of them behind me couldn’t stop talking. They were literally narrating spoilers as the movie unfolded!


Random dialogue in movie: “There is a secret.”

Kid behind me: “Oh the secret is!!!!”

I turned and shushed them loudly the first time.

Then it persisted.

Finally, I snapped, turned again and told them, “Excuse me, can y’all shut the fuck up?”

It worked. None of them continued to talk after that.

Truth be told, I’ve no idea who the two kids were

When I turned, I basically gave the evil eye to all everyone behind me who looked like they were still growing hair on their balls.

But who cares, I bet the other kids who didn’t want to have their experience spoiled were grateful for my outburst.

High school boys are smelly as fuck

For whatever reason. They’re always smelly.

The high school kids should have been in school at that hour

They were probably playing truant.

Fucking kids.

There was an elderly couple seated beside me

A couple of grandparents sans their grand kids.

I found that neat. It’s nice to know that they still go on dates and stuff.

I bet even they thanked me, in their hearts for my shutting the kids down.

The movie was decent

An assemble cast with a fair amount of air time for each of them.

A good portrayal of how comic books play out too.

But as with today’s blockbusters standard, it was mostly a CGI clusterfuck

I guess that’s just how it is today. Enjoy it anyway.

One of the high school smelly boys said what school he was from

Should I write in to their principal for the fun of it and get them in trouble?

I wonder if I really did cause a shock to the elderly couple beside me

Because I was pretty fucking pissed.

Shit, am I at the generation where I complain about the lower generation on a high level already?


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