I Don’t Give A Shit How Married You Are

Call this a cynical rant, but…

Oh what the heck.

It IS a god damn cynical rant.

This is to all my friends out there:

I don’t give a flying fuck how married you are.

I’m 30 today and yes, this is the age where whenever I check Facebook, one by one, my friends are getting hitched.

This is when photos of the proposal, the ring and the celebration are posted up.

This is when the congratulations, Likes and comments pour in.

This is when the impending wedding invitation would come, and I’d decline to go.

Marriage today isn’t sacred anymore to many. Only a rare few gets it.

You won’t believe the shit I’ve seen.

I know friends who are married today and are regretting it entirely, telling me that they were stupid to have rushed into it.

I know a girl who posted up her announcement of her engagement on Facebook before, and she cheated on him with me before.

I know a guy who is married to a lady with kids and he’s gay today.

I know of many who are already cheating on each other.

Please stop rushing into this shit.

Marriage is sacred. Marriage is a bond. Marriage is forever.

You don’t fucking take that lightly!

To the young people getting married in your twenties-

Are you really ready? Boys and girls, you haven’t seen shit in this world yet. Marriage isn’t some fairy tale. A proposal doesn’t solve all your problems. A pregnancy doesn’t either.

Divorce is fucking real my friends.

To the people who are marrying their first partner ever-

If you’re already wondering if the grass is greener on the other side, you’ve playing it wrongly.

You don’t marry out of comfort or fear of being alone.

To the people who are marrying for anything besides love-

Scoring privileges and grants from the government just so you can buy a house or some shit isn’t going to make you happy forever.

That is called convenience.

To the people who are already cheating-

Shame on you. Did your vows mean fuck-all?

How would you truly know what true love means at the tender age of… well I’d take a swipe here, before 40?

How would you know he or she is “the one” when you’ve stay put in one place your entire life?

How would you know it’s going to work out when you don’t even know yourself well? Sorry, but telling me you love her or him and then telling me shit like, “Oh it was just a text. It doesn’t count as cheating” is an automatic disqualification of your marriage altogether. It usually isn’t just a text. It’s like a fucking hundred texts.

Maybe it’s just me… No wait. I’m sure it isn’t.

The only marriage I felt was sacred and true were my parents’. And that’s including the fact that my dad has passed on.

That said, who’s to even say that was true love? How can love exist without life itself?

Nonetheless, I know what they had was way stronger than the bullshit I see today.

This is to all my cynical friends

I know you’ve been hurt.

I know you’re tired.

I know you feel like there’s no hope.

But at least, you’re smart.

You’ve been through shit and that’s real experience more than anything.

It’s better to live life than live a fairy tale; a self-created delusion; a trap.

Just take your time.

And you’ll be fine.

Do it your own way.

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Alden Tan

Alden Tan


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