Alden Tan
2 min readDec 12, 2018


I cannot agree more.

I spent the last 6 years indulging in this “hustle culture” as I embarked on the whole “quit my job to follow my dream” thing. I thus had a blog and that was my entrepreneurial journey.

Today, I decided that I’ll get a job come 2019.

It hit me so hard one night when I was trying to “hustle” and do work with my computer. It rang in my head, “I hate this. Maybe this isn’t for me anymore” as I felt all the dread and lack of motivation.

The problem I dealt with for 6 years was the conflict then. I felt like shit, but everyone out there was yelling “No excuses!” and stuff. It made me feel inferior and that my qualms should not matter.

Well fuck that.

I’ve come to learn to follow your feelings, which work to become your own reality.

The hustle culture out there forces a weird kind of reality that advocates a life that honestly isn’t for everyone, and then they make everyone else feel bad for not following their steps.

Again, fuck that.

Reality is what you make of it and it’s perfectly fine in many ways:

Working an office job? Great! You get paid and you meet great colleagues.

Don’t get to travel 100 times a year? So the fuck what?

Not a millionaire? Congrats! You belong to 90% of the population which are also doing perfectly fine.

Could not follow your dreams because you got married and had kids? You got a fucking loving family!

And so on.

In short, hustle culture ultimately, with all the good its trying to do, is too contrived.

Life happens anyway and you might as well play along. Eat some damn humble pie because it tastes fucking good.