I can’t give you an straight answer, but here’s what happened at my dad’s wake when he passed on:

He was never a Christian or Catholic. When he got ALS, an uncle he previously fell out with visited him and they reconciled. This uncle then was a born again Catholic.

My dad merely remarked then that he was impressed with the change in my uncle.

So somehow, my uncle AND and born-again Catholic aunt took charge of the wake. They contacted their respective churches. Two priests (or whoever it was I really didn’t know or cared then) came down to conduct some ceremony. Twice.

I was honestly too angry, depressed and shocked from my dad’s death. I didn’t really give a shit about religion then, but I knew my dad was never any of that.

I guess you just live your life the way you’re meant to be so your mom would always be happy knowing that you’re happy being the person you are.

The wake I had to go through felt like such a show. Only I knew then. And that was enough.

Others, no matter what would want to believe whatever they want to anyway.

So just live.





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Alden Tan

Alden Tan


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