How To Pretend You’re A Really Successful Person Who Travels The World Doing What He Loves

Then you say something pretentious like, “Oh, just love the fact that I get to work anytime, anywhere in the world with just the internet and my laptop!”

If you’ve a picture of you working on the beach, that’s even better.

This is to snub people who are stuck working in the office and they get only get to go on vacation at most twice a year.

This is to look down on people who need to use other tools and shit beyond the internet just to make a living, as if it’s so bad, like, fuck carpenters yeah? Whatever the learnt with their hands must be useless in today’s day and age.

Next up, talk about how little you have to work, something like, “Only a couple of hours on the laptop, some clicks of the button, wrote a couple of emails and viola!”

This is to mock people who work a day job and how they need to work 7–10 hours a day. Fucking losers.

Then say how you’re own boss, like literally, “I am my own boss!”

Because fuck all employed people in the world right? Useless, unambitious folks.

Talk about how your diet is from a rave or party, “Beer in the afternoon?! Haha that’s how I roll folks!”

I mean, what’s with people who only take sustenance via the typical three-meals-a-day fixed format bullshit?

Finally, end off with your pitch, “Do YOU want to live the same lifestyle as I do, start traveling the world and make money easily doing what you love?! Just click here and I’ll give you my FREE TRAINING!”

Because you’re so generous and you just want to help people.

Share the shit out of this pretence on social media. Be sure to use sponsored posts and pump in a ton of money so it reaches more people.

That’s it! That’s how you pretend you’re a really successful person who travels the world doing what he loves!

It’s that easy.

Today’s day and age calls for a ton of pretentiousness if you want to look successful. It’s that easy to be dishonest

Good thing, I am not.

The above picture is one just taken of me doing my work in Chiang Mai as I write this. Let me break it down for you of what’s really happening behind the scenes:

  • I don’t make a ton of money, but I have enough to buy a cheap ticket. Yes, tickets can be cheap today. All you need to do is a bit of research and save some money. Only an idiot would intentionally book first class and shit just because they think they can afford it. You want to feel rich? You just need a ticket to a poorer country.
  • I don’t travel the entire world. I merely go where I enjoy going and that comprises of a few places. I don’t get why people intentionally travel to places under the guise of getting of their comfort zones and then they end up hating the experience. Then they keep doing it over and over again.
  • That said, don’t assume that anyone traveling the world is happy. Sometimes, I miss my home fast. And I get bored wherever I go. I certainly also do not wish to go through hell just so I can tell it as a cool story later.
  • Work is never that easy even if you can just do it with the internet. I took a long ass time to build my blog, my Steemit following and a streamlined process in making money, one which I truly believe in (I’ve made good money before doing shit I didn’t believe in. That money eventually disappeared. If you don’t believe in it every step of the way, it’ll not last.) It’s easy to see the glory and then ignore the story. And as a writer, sometimes I get stuck on what I should write about. It’s never easy!
  • Revenue and profit are two entirely different things. Stop believing that someone is balling and making bank just because they announced how much money they made this month or something. You never know what their cost is. I personally know of people who make a ton, but are in heavy debt. And some of them are because they’re gambling addicts and shit.
  • There is an emotional side effect to not working in the world of the employed. This is something I strongly believe in. When you’re your own boss, the stress and lack guidance can take a major toll on your physical and mental health. The lack of interaction with people can cause you to isolate yourself and ruminate over unpleasant thoughts too.
  • Beer in the afternoon?! Local delicacies no one gets to eat often? Sometimes they suck ass. I love beer, but I overdid it before and got sick by 3PM.
  • It’s all a fucking scam if it’s leading you to a sales pitch. Especially when it’s some bullshit, thinly-veiled MLM where they want to sell you on how you can achieve the same as they do. People who make money by teaching others how to make money are scammers. Period. Also, if you see “Sponsored Post” when you run across such a story, it’s not a real story. It’s an advertisement.
  • Some of these pretentious losers disappear after a while. If one of your friends has claimed to you before they’re their own boss, traveling the world and making a ton of doing specifically what they love, why are they always changing industries or “trying” something new? You know this shit to be true. Look closer and dig deeper.

See how contrasting the two different realities are?

I hope this opens up your eyes.

Excuse me, I am changing bars now because this beer is sadly, not really to my liking. For shame.

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