How to not fall for online scams in every possible way

Scammers are real pricks.

1) It’s a paradox to be taught how to make money or create a business

2) No one will expose all their secrets to you for fear of being taken over

3) If it works so well, why would you teach?

4) You know what nice people do? They do nice things, shut up and continue being nice

5) Being nice is okay. Being extremely nice is always questionable

6) Always be confident that you’re a fucking awesome human being although you’re broke

7) If someone is already rich and confident that they can help you, why would they charge such a high fee?

8) You’re not a special little snowflake

9) Just remember you can easily lie today and back it up with questionable bullshit

10) Stop looking for shortcuts and just go do the work

So, if it works so well, why would you teach?


To end off, let me modify a little cliche for you:

“If creating a business is as simple as attending some course, seminar, workshop, class, program or getting a mentor, then anyone on this planet can work a shitty job for a few months, earn the income, quit that shitty job, pay for one of these things and create a thriving business.”