How to not fall for online scams in every possible way

Scammers are real pricks.

But the thing is, some scammers don’t look like scammers at all.

A lot of them actually come across as really helpful, nice, kind and positive people who seem like they care for you.

It’s very easy to fall for that. I did.

So let me help. This post may be, oh fuck it, IT IS an extension of my cynicism, anger and weariness from dealing with so much bullshit in the online world of pretentious entrepreneurs.

But hey, that’s why it’s “every possible way.” I am going to cover as much ground as possible to help you out.

1) It’s a paradox to be taught how to make money or create a business

When someone says, “I make money by teaching others how to make money” or “My business is about teaching others how to create business” or, “I sell teaching others how to sell”…

You need to realize that’s a grand paradox that is selling absolutely nothing but their own means of getting money from others.

They’re essentially selling, “Let me teach you how to sell how I sell.”

That effectively means you’ll forever be in their shadow.

You can’t succeed that way for you aren’t letting yourself shine.

2) No one will expose all their secrets to you for fear of being taken over

Why would they want to teach you everything to the point you’re a danger of being their competition?

No matter what, they will leave out little details that would make or break your entire business-to-be.

3) If it works so well, why would you teach?

The classic question. It applies here.

Indeed. If it works so well, why would you teach? Why don’t you just do it? Why don’t you create something new and unique instead of reprocessing the same thing over and over?

Why can’t you invent something the world hasn’t seen before?

I will answer this question below.

4) You know what nice people do? They do nice things, shut up and continue being nice

That’s called altruism. That’s called being humble. That’s called truly wanting to make a world a better place knowing that your deed is good enough.

There’re so many so-called nice entrepreneurs who do something nice and then proceed to humblebrag the shit out of it on Facebook.

Is that innately nice?

While sharing stories of your good deeds may be inspiring, but treating it as a manufactured story which eventually leads to a sales page is another thing altogether.

You CANNOT mix up being nice with being a good salesperson.

5) Being nice is okay. Being extremely nice is always questionable

This is very prevalent in the MLM/network marketing space. The people who want to poach you have all sorts of bullshit tactics to lure you in. I’ve encountered a few:

One guy added me on Facebook, sent me a personal message saying he created a personal video, greeting message for me and pasted it on my wall. The video was obviously a recycled one since it didn’t even contain my name.

Another guy kept sending me voice messages telling me how he wants to help my business “absolutely free and no effort from” my part.

Honestly, it’s just life. If you feel you need to question someone’s motive, by all means do so.

Maybe, you’d miss the mark. Maybe that person really is that nice. But in business, with your time and money on the line, it’s better to err on the safe side.

Besides, if they really are that nice, they’d be there to listen to your concerns and not be insulted if you question them.

Those assholes above? After my questions, they disappeared altogether.

6) Always be confident that you’re a fucking awesome human being although you’re broke

It took me a while to realize this.

I was broke, a lot. With that, I automatically assumed any other seemingly successful entrepreneur was better than me and could help me make money.

This is a lie. This is bullshit. DO NOT think this way.

A person who makes more money than you does not mean he is better than you. You don’t know that person at all. Do not let your desire for money cloud your judgement.

7) If someone is already rich and confident that they can help you, why would they charge such a high fee?

It’s one thing to flaunt one’s success and wealth. It’s another thing to humblebrag how nice you are.

Then, it’s another thing altogether when you combine it all with a heavy price tag attached to it.

You may be thinking, “It’s a business. They have the right to sell.”

True, but think about it, think very, very hard about it: If they were so rich and happy, why would they need your money?

If they want to really help and make the world a better place, why must it be so expensive?

If they are really that nice, is it truly that difficult to say… teach you pro bono, make sure you profit first and then take their cut?

Most of them would refuse that for whatever reason. To which then you can question, “I thought you were extremely confident your shit works?”

Watch their confidence drop then.

8) You’re not a special little snowflake

Scammers want to make a fuck ton of money from hundreds and thousands of people.

They will treat you like you’re some special being who will help them a lot. But this is not true.

However nice they act to you, they are acting the same to many others.

Still feel special? If they really cared for you, why are they caring for others so much? Will they even have the time to devote to you?

9) Just remember you can easily lie today and back it up with questionable bullshit

The internet is rampant with information today. It’s easy to get confused and wonder what is really true.

You’re just going to have follow your gut here and stick to your beliefs.

If someone is selling you some miracle product based on pseudoscience or some quantum physics bullshit, and you have never fucking heard of it before, then please, for your own sake don’t buy into it. Stick to what you know.

If you want to learn, you can learn for free with Google today and get yourself educated.

10) Stop looking for shortcuts and just go do the work

Scams are colorful pictures where everything seems so easy while reality is hard.

Reality is hard. Nothing in life comes easy. Accept that and stop looking for alternatives.

Just do the work and stop complaining.

So, if it works so well, why would you teach?

I will give you two possible answers:

Because they love it.

And because it makes good money.

These are legit reasons. It’s perfectly fine to have a passion to teach and also make money from it.


You need to add it all the little things I’ve mentioned above. These little things truly tell who a person really is.

Why the high price tag? Why all the humblebragging? Why all the questionable facts? Why all the sudden niceness? Why is it so easy for you and not others?

Why all the questions in me?

If you really have so much doubt, then fuck it. Move on. It’s bullshit.

To end off, let me modify a little cliche for you:

You know how people like to say, “If it’s so easy, then the whole world would be doing it”?

This is to simply glorify the fact that not everyone can be entrepreneurs and only a chosen few get to be in business.

Let me put it this way to you then:

“If creating a business is as simple as attending some course, seminar, workshop, class, program or getting a mentor, then anyone on this planet can work a shitty job for a few months, earn the income, quit that shitty job, pay for one of these things and create a thriving business.”

Does that make sense to you?

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