How To Be The Asshole With A Heart Of Gold

Listen up! This is an article that’s gonna teach you how to be an asshole! At least one with a heart of gold.

Why is this important?

That person is judged to be condemned to hell despite having a heart of gold! Maybe he does charity work consistently. Maybe he works really hard to support his family and his aging parents. Maybe he was the best boyfriend in the world, but the spiteful ex-girlfriend spread lies about him.

It doesn’t fucking matter. The “asshole” is judged.

So this is important because you want to be this guy.

It is a victory when others talk shit about you because that means you’re doing something that actually matters.

And you dare to do it. You dare to move forward in life. You dare to make shit happen for yourself. You dare to take the scary steps to stand out while the cowards are at the sidelines, gossiping, jeering and talking smack about you, mostly behind your back. They won’t ever dare to say it in front of you.

You don’t need to be an asshole to actually be an asshole. Get it?

In that sense, it is actually sad if you aren’t an asshole.

It means you’ve been playing safe in life.

You’re afraid to express yourself honestly because you don’t want others to think you’re different.

You stay quiet all the time because you’re afraid you’d offend others.

You also start doing shit you hate because others are doing the same.

You basically are not yourself at all.

And that’s sad.

It’s better to be an asshole who’s heavily misunderstood than a sad coward who leads an unfulfilled life.

Ready to become the asshole with a heart of gold?

1) You do what you want no matter what, but without hurting others

You do it as much as you want, and at the best you can, without hurting others.

It’s that simple.

This makes you an asshole because face it, assholes in life are confident. Call it passion or even delusion, assholes go for what they want despite what others may think of them.

2) You ignore the butthurt haters and naysayers

Why? Because people are jealous and judgmental creatures. When they don’t understand something, they’ll go all out to attack it without trying to understand it first.

People are also afraid of others’ success. That’s a fact of life.

That is how they end up criticizing you, shouting at you and most of all, take the coward’s way out of talking behind your back. They will not have the guts to face you.

But you ignore it. You’re an asshole already. That means having the confidence and audacity to move forward in life despite the majority hating on you. What nerves!

3) You keep your conscience clear at all times

How do you really be the asshole who enjoys his own life, doing what he loves and make bold decisions? Simple. You keep your conscience clear.

That is the golden rule. That is all you need when it comes to making tough decisions. You know your conscience is clear because you feel it so deep down.

This is where you stick to your values and principles. You believe in yourself and the experience you gain in life.

A confident asshole knows full well that his own life will not lie to him.

Only an insecure coward seeks constant validation from others before making a decision. These are also called pussies who lollygag and beat around the bush. You can bet they’ll whine even more when they miss their chance.

And of course, because they don’t understand how you, the confident asshole does it so well, they will judge the shit out of you. Again, ignore them.

4) You take care of those around you

This is an extension of the human heart where kindness comes forth. This is altruism. This is the human soul at its finest. It’s gold!

The haters will then be mind fucked. They will never understand. They will accuse you of having an ulterior motive. Ignore.

As the confident asshole, you understand that your actions have consequences. You know your life affects others around you. And so you top it up with kindness all the time.

This is called growing up. This is being accountable for your actions.

Alas, being nice seems basic, but not many people get it.

5) You never give in

You take major pride in yourself and the work you do.

When you give in. You’d have lost. It means you’ve become one of your haters.

6) You make a big show out of it by not trying

Everybody loves a story involving a character with a heart of gold.

Again, take pride in that. Don’t cower down in the name of modesty or some shit. Nobody was asking you to brag in the first place.

If anything, you should be spreading your message in order to inspire others on an honest level. There’re way too many cowards and frauds today.

The confident asshole knows himself best. He doesn’t need any tricks, for he already has the heart of gold.

So stop giving a fuck, go forth and spread that shit.

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