How I Started To Enjoy Medium More And Get More Followers At The Same Time. YOU WON’T BELIEVE THIS SIMPLE TRICK YO!

I started reading the whole article.


That’s it.

That’s the trick.

That’s the only new thing I am doing.

I’ll admit it, in order to make friends here and make myself known, I skimmed through most articles and make a generic comment. Heck, sometimes, I make comments based on the headline alone.

I decided that that wasn’t the way to go.

It was tiring me out.

It felt wrong as a writer myself.

And thus, here I am, reading and shit.

By the by… you do know that commenting and making thoughtful comments is pretty much the only way to make yourself known in any given social network right?


That’s how you gain followers.

That’s how you gain traffic.

That’s how you make more money as you link it up with your funnel or whatever.

Trust me. I’ve been blogging for a fucking long time: Make thoughtful comments and mean it.

Stop with the tricks, tips, hacks or whatever bullshit system some scammy fucks try to sell you on.

Good luck!