Here’s My Account On The Misadventures Of Chiang Mai So Far: On Fuckups In The Airport And Making Random Friends

I am not really sure what to say here except that despite making it safely here in Chiang Mai, all sorts of bad shit that could happen actually happened.Here we go:

1030AM: Arrived at Airport for my 1220PM flight.

1040AM: Walked to my counter and discovered the queue to be mad long. They stuffed three different flights in one counter. And all available counters were not opened.

I walked away, whipped my phone thinking I could beat this shit by checking in online. Ultimately, I could not.

1050AM: Went back to the end of the even longer queue now.

11AM: Discovered that the queue with the sign “Group Check-in” a few people only. I didn’t give a fuck and joined that queue.

It crawled. It didn’t seem to be moving.

Then I discovered somebody removed a barrier from the other side of the normal queue, so basically cutters just spilled over to my side.

1115AM: Made a Thai friend who was going to Bangkok too.

Everybody meet Poot! A young, 20 year-old student studying animation in Singapore!

We made conversation at the long ass queues. And he agreed to help me!

Context on why I needed help:

I booked a ticket to Bangkok and then a domestic flight to Chiang Mai. I totally forgot to factor in the time when I needed to clear customs, head over to the domestic terminal, check in for my new flight and then get to the gate. I somehow took it for granted it worked like connecting flights if I booked a direct one.

Because of that, I only had 1.5 hours to do this. Poot agreed to help me talk to floor staff in Bangkok to help expedite the process.

1130AM: A family in front of us, at the counter was taking a long time. The son, a little rascal literally fucking sat on the conveyor belt, pushed a random button and the whole thing ceased to work for a bit.

It was still a drag. Everything was slow and I was starting to worry.

I ended up helping a a couple of families load their luggages onto the conveyor belt to speed shit up. They were thankful, which was great.

1220PM: Made our flight!

1240PM: Pilot announced that the flight was delayed due to what else but the late comers from the messy counter?

Great huh? That left 1 hour of buffer time now.

I slept the entire fucking way apart from chatting with Poot about animation, work, art, Avengers and how some of the stewardesses were pretty hot.

This was when the age-old question about my age came up. Like everyone else, he didn’t get it right the first time. He thought I was in my twenties.

He’s 20. I can be his uncle.

2PM local Bangkok time: We landed.

215PM: We got off the plane.

And lo and behold! We didn’t exit the plane into the transit lounge. We were on the runway! We had to board a shuttle bus to take us to the transit lounge.

45 fucking minutes left till my flight.

225PM: Reached the lounge.

Made a mad dash to the immigration counters. Thankfully, there wasn’t much of a queue, plus I could go to the ASEAN counter which had no one.

230PM: Finished up with customs. Asked the officer where was the domestic terminal. I told him my flight was 3PM. He was shocked as fuck. He directed me and I dashed off.

I said bye to Poot.

I ran like a dog to the domestic terminal. It was no easy feat as I lugged my bag with me.

I cut the queue out of the international terminal where security check was at. Apparently they kept checking luggages only, so I just zipped by.

I also cut the queue at the domestic security check area thanks to the staff who understood my predicament.

240PM: Fucking made it to my gate on time!

I was panting and wheezing.

241PM: Congratulated myself by taking a slow walk to the restroom.

I accidentally walked into the ladies’ while unbuckling my belt halfway through. I gasped and ran out. A white lady outside laughed.


I am fucking done.

I am here safe and sound in my AirBnb now.

Talk about some Jim Carrey-style comedy shit.

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