Here’s An Idea: Don’t Show Up

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So many always talk about the importance of showing up for things or for people.

That’s how you show others that they’re important to you.

That’s how you show them love.

That’s how you get out of the house.

That’s how you eliminate the idea of being too damn busy all the time because like, everyone’s busy today.

But here’s an idea: Don’t show up.

No, really. Don’t. Don’t show up at all. Don’t show your face.

I don’t care about important that thing is, be it a wedding, your best friend’s birthday, your friend’s giving birth of her first kid or some networking session where you may potentially meet some important client.

The idea behind not showing up is for your own happiness.

Far too many times have I heard from others that they feel obliged or even trapped into going for some shit they absolutely don’t want to go for.

Their time is eaten up.

Their happiness is eaten up because they have to deal with people they don’t even like.

Their self-esteem is eaten up too as they don’t get to go for something else they truly want instead.

So again, don’t show up.

There’re many things out there that deserve your time.

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