Here’s A Crazy Idea: Maybe It’s Time We Start Blaming Others

In the world of self-help, one idea always stands out: Never blame others for anything.

Any, fucking thing.

You absolutely must accept full responsibility for everything that happens in your life, including all the bad shit that happens.

Toxic friends? Don’t blame them. How you feel is up to you and not up to them.

A shitty boss? Take it in your stride and just do the work.

Somebody cuts you off in traffic? Not their fault.

Government sucks? You’re just going to have make do since they’re in charge.

And so on.

It sounds sensible. After all, you’re your own person and you have to deal with whatever life throws at you. Life is unfair too and you’ve to accept that.

Self-helpers are sure to inject, “Everything, literally everything is your creation!” and stuff like that.

But how about this: Maybe… Just maybe, sometimes, we don’t have to blame ourselves.

We don’t have to accept responsibility.

And it’s certainly not our damn fault.

I mean, why make any kind of apologies whatsoever when some idiot out there decides to make their own problems your problem?

Why turn it inwards to rationalize, analyze and see how you ultimately must do all the work when you should snap out of it, fuck it and let them do the work instead?

And shit, are you like born with a disease and in a poor country where you don’t even know when your next meal is coming? I really don’t blame you if you’re mad.

So get mad.

Get fucking mad.

Maybe blaming others will make people wake up and realize that they ought to respect you.

Maybe not accepting responsibility will open new doors to opportunities where new responsibilities actually make sense for your life.

Maybe just walking away and moving on will make them miss you, hence finally elevating you and letting you become great.

Maybe it’s time to stop putting yourself down altogether.

Think about it.

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