Hawkers Of Positivity Are Just Hypocrites

Another wannabe entrepreneur added me on Facebook last night.

I get these all the time. One look at their profiles and you can see how they’re driven folks who are in the midst of starting a business, eager to help people (or add value), somehow making tons of money and are looking to ‘connect’ with others.

He messaged me then. He introduced himself. He said he was happy to connect with ‘like-minded’ individuals.

I asked him then, how do you know that we’re like-minded?

He disappeared there and then. He stopped replying. He probably went off to continue hustling, grinding and screaming “No excuses!” at the mirror. My question was apparently too tough for him.

I wrote about this hypocrisy in this article, The Self-Help Space Is The Most Ironic Space.

Why? Because it’s filled with hawkers.

There’re not many real advocates.

There’s hardly anyone who’s truly altruistic when it comes to helping people.

There’s no real relationships simply because they called connections.

Most are hawking, meaning they’re only shouting to gain something.

The above scenario happens all the time in our lives. It happens when people treat relationships as mere transactions. Being in the blogging space in which I’ve created my own business, it’s pretty common, hence easy to spot now to see how a typical conversation with hawker is like, or rather, how he or she wants it to be. To surmise, as long as you don’t give them what they want, they will disappear.

Are you surrounded by hawkers?

If you think you are, it’s time to look deeper into the loud messages they’re screaming. Just because it’s loud doesn’t mean it’s even good.

And if they’re only around for a while, only to disappear pretty much forever at a later time, they’re merely hawkers passing by then.

Hell man, if the elderly hawkers on the streets, working under the hot sun can present themselves better in a sincere manner, anyone doing less are just hypocrites.


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