Have You Ever Felt You Just Can’t Give More Of You To Someone You Had A Relationship With?

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And it was torturous experience.

Nothing is sadder than waking up beside someone whom you don’t give a shit about.

Nothing is sadder than going to dinner with someone and you feel a sense of relief when you excuse yourself to go to the loo, just because you can get a break away from her.

Nothing is sadder than treating it as good news when she can’t show up so you can do your own shit or meet your own friends.

Nothing is sadder than looking back and wondering where all the excitement, lust, affection and love have gone.

Nothing is sadder than thinking, “I sure hope she fucks up first. That way I’d have an excuse to dump her without being the bad guy.”

Yes, I’ve been on all the above positions.

The best thing to do is to end it as soon as possible.

Otherwise, it will just fester and eventually implode into something extremely ugly.

Good luck.

Have any of you been in such relationships?

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