Fuck Your Dreams, The Work Is the Goal

One of my best lessons I got back then. It has since stuck with me since: Fuck your dreams. Sounds crazy? It does. But there’s a good reason behind that.

Ready to fuck your dreams? Read on and find out.

Fuck your dreams. No, really. Fuck’em. Your dreams are kind of meaningless.

I know, I know. So many people talk about the importance of having dreams. Successful people from all over are always going on and on about it, attributing a large part of their success to their dreams. Then they replace the word with other big words like vision, destiny, future, passion or whatever.

But again, for real, fuck your dreams, and you know what? Fuck everything that you’ve learnt.

Dreams always tend to be complicated. Know why? Because we’re complicated creatures. And with that complexity involved, I dare say you don’t know a thing about what your dream is. So again, fuck everything that you’ve learnt.

It’s time to turn your life around with new, real knowledge instead.

What is your so-called dream anyway? Did you always wanted to be a rock star in a punk band? A writer? An actor? A teacher? Astronaut? Whatever?

And how much effort are you willing to put in for those dreams?

If at any point during your journey, you complain that it’s too hard or whine that you didn’t think it’d be this tough, then you’ve already lost the battle, like that nice guy who thinks being nice is enough to get the girl. You already lost your dream. You weren’t prepared for it and you’re not willing to see it through.

That is not a dream. That is making yourself feel good only with ideas.

Now, let’s say you got lucky in life. Things were handed to you. You hit a windfall. The journey had always been smooth. People willingly do shit for you. You make a ton of money and gain the recognition for whatever it is you’re doing. Life becomes extremely easy for you.

Then you conveniently call it your dream. You say to everyone that you’re living the dream. Because it’s easy.

Is that really your dream then?

As an aside, why do you think so many rich folks, or celebrities out there today are depressed? It’s because they’re no longer challenged. Their dreams were never realized at all and people can’t see that from the outside, not that they care to.

Fuck your dreams, the work is the goal

I learnt this myself from acclaimed author Ryan Holiday last year when I consulted him.

He taught me how to be a better writer. I asked him at one point what it took to actually hit that goal of being discovered, or hitting that big milestone that’d set my career in motion.

And he told me none of that matters, because the work is the goal.

Yep. That’s all there is. The work is the goal and the only goal you need to have in mind.

Everyday when you wake up, you have to get to work. The little bit you put in to get the work done. The daily effort you put in to give that much progress. The things you keep doing despite not knowing where the light of the end of the tunnel is at.

That is all that matters.

So forget about being discovered. Forget about the magical windfalls that you think should come. Forget about the milestones. Forget about the results. And definitely, forget about luck. Fuck luck.

All of that would come and would only be recognizable as opportunities when you learn and grow from actually doing the work.

That is when your real calling comes forth. Not dream, just calling. You’ll know it when you feel it. Be it being accompanied by riches or not, you’ll know it deep down. Your heart knows. Your heart always knows.

And with consistency, you’ll feel it even more. That means to say, you’re constantly evolving and growing yourself. That is the magic of actually doing the work and getting shit done: You’d want more out of life as you keep adjusting.

That is how your dreams will change.

That is how you actually grow the fuck up.

That is how you know the work is all there is so you can stop being a daydreamer.

That’s why you can let loose the grip on your childhood dream or whatever. Think about it. If you don’t, then you’re just a child. You’re not maturing. You’re letting a lofty idea, not dream hold you back. Why would you do that?

So fuck your dreams. Dreams are for dreamers and non-doers.

Now the big question is: How much effort are you putting into doing the work?

How consistent are you? Are you giving yourself convenient off days?

Are you giving 110% or 100% only? Are you not sprinting on the last lap?

Are you still dreaming? Or are you just doing?

Fuck your dreams. Just fuck it.

Another good read: Why Some Dreams Should Not Be Pursued by Mark Manson

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