Fuck Your Dreams

You want to be the next big thing.

You want to be the next sensation.

You want to be a star.

You want to make a ton of money.

You want to drive nice cars, travel the world and shit.

You want to be on the cover of Forbes magazine or whatever.

You want to be invited to give talks and all that.

You want to be popular, famous and influential.

But fuck all of that

Hear me now:

Your dreams are worthless.

Your dreams are nothing but your ideas, and ideas are essentially useless without any kind of action.

Your dreams are too fixed, that means to say whatever you expect in your upcoming venture, adventure or big ass idea will never turn out the way you expect it to be.

It’s literally all in your head.

Your dreams are honestly just whatever.

So fuck your dreams

This is what you need to know and work on:

The work is the goal

This was what Ryan Holiday taught me when I consulted him.

Yes. The only goal you should have in your life, is the work itself.

Wake up. Get off your ass. Go to do the work. Finish off your tasks for the day.

Before you sleep, plan some shit.

Repeat the next day.

Do this everyday.

This is how opportunities are created.

This is how you make real progress.

This is how you make real connections with the right people.

This is how you grow and evolve as a person outside of your business, passion project or whatever.

That’s it.

Stop it with the dreams.

You work because that’s the only damn goal you should have.

Don’t work for a miraculous breakthrough.

Don’t work for that mega milestone.

Don’t work to be discovered so you can be the next big thing.

Don’t work for viral.

All of that will come when you actually do the work, everyday.

So work because you have to.

Get shit done for the day, and you’re good.

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My name is Alden Tan and I’m sick of bullshit in the personal development space thanks to the pretentious people out there. I love writing and I’m also a Bboy.


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Alden Tan

Alden Tan


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