It’s always so common to hear from people about how they think it’s highly stupid when a couple of friends, close ones at that fight over a love interest.

“Ahh man, why are you two fighting over a girl like little bitches?”

“Stop it. You ladies have been friends for ages. He’s not worth it!”

And then when you look deeper, you realize these people are usually the same people who are sad, insecure and lonely as they’ve never gotten into a relationship or got laid before.

Effectively, they do not know how a relationship is what makes you learn about yourself the most. That said, they do not know how a relationship makes do things you think you’d never do, even if it means doing something considered ‘bad.’

It is easy for them to just talk at the sidelines then. It’s always easy to talk when you’re wearing your own comfortable shoes. It’s never easy however, to actually know what is really going on and the things your own friends are going through deep down.

They just want to avoid trouble, when they don’t understand that the trouble can be a good thing.

Friends have the right fight over a love interest. It’s life. It just happens. And sometimes, in that battle, it’s easy to tell who is in the right and who is clearly in the wrong.

The fight is necessary.

And the prize is worth it. Let it come between you and your friend(s).

I’d personally gladly go all out and fight for what I want, especially if the other so-called friend has revealed his true colors to be a malicious dickhead.

I have never really fought with a friend in pursuit of a girl I liked before, but I do watch closely the way my friends behave towards me and my relationship with my girl. E.g. If a friend unexpectedly keeps texting my girl behind my back, he will be confronted by me. It’s as simple as that.

If you know you’re in the right and your conscience is clear, stand up for yourself and fight for it. It could be a clear sign that friendship is not meant to be and that the romantic interest is better for you. You don’t want to look back in regret knowing that you gave in blindly just because others told you so or that you thought you should do what’s right, when you feel deep down it’s wrong.

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Alden Tan

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