I just let the air conditioner repairman out of the house. He was a nice, middle-aged dude who was very mild-mannered. When servicing the unit in my room, he asked if I wanted to leave it switched on.

I said no.

And he replied, “Fresh air is better right?”


I don’t sleep using the air-conditioner. I don’t need it. A standing fan plus the winds from outside are enough.

For fresh air is better.

Many things are better in life and usually, they’re the basic things:

  • A book is better, so drop the blogs, videos, click bait articles and memes.
  • Going for a walk is better, so get out of the house.
  • A home-cooked meal is better, so stop with the junk food.
  • A conversation is better, so go catch up with an old friend you haven’t seen in a while.
  • A morning with zero hangover is better, so go home after 2AM and after a few drinks.
  • Water is better, so stop drinking fizzy drinks.
  • Common sense is better than a complicated solution, so practice it.

A healthy life with a healthy body is better than nothing.

Maybe your life today is a lot better than you think then. For it’s all around you, like air.

Fresh air is better.

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