Do Not Care About What They Think Until You Care About They Think

A contradiction? Yes it is.

Because we need to debunk the idea of not caring about what other people think; because you should care about what others think to lead a balanced, healthy life.

I’ll just lay it out:

  • Not all advice is good, even the ones with good intentions. Learn to differentiate between good and bad advice.
  • Some people only want to drag you down out of jealousy while some are actually giving constructive feedback. It’s okay to get firm advice. It’s not okay to get toxic, personal ones.
  • Respect the host or the owner. Always. To not care about what they think is looking down on their hospitality.
  • There’s simply no other reason than the fact that you’d look like a childish fool on social media if you choose to create drama, in which you delude yourself into thinking that your “friends” agree with you.
  • Care about setting an example of the little ones for they should ultimately look up to you for guidance, meaning the ultimate goal can include not caring about what they think just so you inspire them at the end. Never ever join their ranks if it means compromising your own maturity and values.
  • If you only advocate not caring about what others think so you can manipulate others into buying into your contrived idea of branding or positioning, you deserve bad things to happen to you.
  • Faking it till you make it can only work to a certain extent and it’s not a philosophy that suits everyone. Do what works for you instead to find the balance your own way.
  • If your idea of a getting into a relationship is because of others think of your partner or how you look like around them, you should just be aloneinstead.
  • Guys, you’re guys. Y’all still need to man the fuck up from time to time no matter what.
  • Looks may be important in life, but caring about them too much can make you ugly too.
  • And smelling good is honestly very important in society too.
  • Comedy only works when people laugh with you, not at you.
  • No matter what, you must apologize.

Balance, balance and more balance.

Self-preservation is important in life. Never forget that.

That’s why you can never not care.

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