Debunk This Shit: Age Is Not Just A Number

I always dabbled with this idea, where age is not just a number. I always believed in that. Those who believe otherwise are well, misled.

It’s time to grow up and be a real adult!

I get it.

Age is just a number, so claim many of you.

That’s your ticket to doing whatever the fuck it is you want as you stop giving a fuck what others say or think about you!

Like me, look at me!

I am a Bboy. I dance outside. See that shit above? That’s me practicing by my lonesome. I do this three to four times a week while passersby ogle at me. I don’t give a fuck about them!

I am a writer. I manage my own business at home because I am done with the 9-to-5.

For some months, I really don’t make a lot of money and I struggle to make ends meet, but I am still happy.

I am single, still partying, getting drunk and having fun.

I use Tinder and sometimes I open conversations with girls with super lame puns.

I am fucking 32 years-old.

My friends are all like, “You’re still a Bboy?!”

“Shouldn’t you be concentrating on your future?”

“Isn’t it time you settle down and find a girlfriend?” (This was actually asked to me by my nephew who is only 11.)

“You really need to save for the future dude.”

“Time for you to get a job man.”

“Man, you’re already 32 and you still get upset over such petty nonsense.”

And so on.

I deflect all of that shit.

I do what I love and I have an extremely strong reason to do so, which is that my dad died when I was 20. I’ve had my life lessons and I am not about to waste anymore time doing shit I hate.

That’s me alright, living life to the fullest, doing what I love, YOLO-ing and not caring about what others think.

Am I inspiring as fuck or what?! Age is just a number right?!

Nah… not really.

Truly, doing what you love, living life to the fullest and not caring about age or what others think has its downside.

But that’s not the point of this article today:

We’re here to debunk this shit today: Age is not just a number!

Age is in many ways, an important number you need to use.

With age comes a plethora of life experiences and with that, maturity and growth in your character, particularly from the times you were hit hard, but yet, you still kept on keeping on.

Age is the privileged mantle of responsibility you don so you can guide the young.

Finally, age is what separates cultures and different ways of life that create a sense of self-preservation for all of us.

I mean, let’s be really honest here. If you’re an adult and you still…

  • Can’t show up on time for nuts.
  • Refuse to take charge of the situation when there’re kids around.
  • Create drama on social media and slander others.
  • Not want to spend time with your newborn as you cheat on your husband/wife.
  • Blatantly and constantly woo the opposite sex half your age with zero regard for any kind of consequences.
  • Party and get drunk off your ass every week to the point of embarrassment.
  • Get involved with scandals and office politics with people way younger than you.
  • Basically annoy the hell out of everyone.

All under the convenient excuse of YOLO, not caring others about what others think and yes, because age to you is just a number, then no, you’re not that inspirational figure who zeros in on doing whatever he or she wants.

You’re just being a brat who refuses to grow up and yes, you’re hurting others.

Age is a number. That’s a fact. It’s how you crunch it to make both yourself and those around you better.

So in that sense, age is not just a number.

Having passion and doing what you love is fine, but be sure that you’re still a contributing member to society.

Hanging out with people younger than you is fine, but do help them and guide them with what you’ve learnt in life because you’ve already had a head start.

Partying and getting drunk is fine, but getting into fights in public or passing out on the streets isn’t.

Gossip and conflicts among relationships are inevitable, but that doesn’t mean you need to join in, take sides and stir shit for everyone.

Falling in love with someone way younger than you is fine, but… okay, I don’t even know where to start here. There’s a difference between love and obsession and with that, a difference between being a potential partner and a complete perv.

Age is not just a number because age is part of your identity.

Love it or hate it, it is.

Live your life, do what you want, but remember that your actions do affect those around you.

So no matter what, keep on growing up, otherwise, you’re just growing old.

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