When an answer is too convenient, it’s probably packed with bullshit or is a straight up lie. In fact, it could be downright manipulative.

I dealt with convenient answers tons of times:

A friend who is super annoying when drunk and he tells you, “What?! I did all that?! Haha. Sorry! I was drunk!” He just got away with being annoying. Not surprisingly, when things don’t go his way during his drunken stupor, he somehow remembers everything.

A girl who tells you that she actually wants to go out with you right after you tell her you aren’t free, “Oh darn! I am actually free during that exact same time you aren’t free!”

So-called mentors and bullshit practitioners in business telling you that you didn’t get the results you desire because you didn’t work hard enough, as stated on their sales page.

People who change their social media chat settings to become stealthy as fuck. They become ghosts, to which they can simply say, “I just saw your message” and you can’t prove otherwise.

Oh, and plenty of ex-girlfriends who would tell me shit like, “You made me like that”, and by ‘like that’, I mean emotionally unstable.

Stop with convenient answers. Just be honest please. The world has enough bullshit and salespeople.


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