Controversial advice: Be selfish and give a shit about yourself

One of the things that really helped me with my anger issues is starting to give a shit about myself and yes, that entails being really selfish as I care for myself only.

I am angry from being a good person all my life as I always did the right thing.

For 31 years I did all of that and it has turned me into an angry person as I kept wondering why I had to give in to these toxic people who were obviously in the wrong.

Oh at this point, most people would just say, “Alden, that’s just how it is.”

None of that helped. None of the logical or sensible advice ever helped. None of the obvious truths really meant anything.

These are emotions we are dealing with. Logic, rationale and common sense honestly don’t have a place here.

With that, I felt a lot better when I started giving a shit about myself more.

When I get way too many annoying messages, I don’t reply on time, even when I know it’s urgent to the recipient.

So again, be selfish. Give a shit about yourself such that you do things only for yourself as long as it doesn’t drastically hurt others or break the law.

If you’re not going to care for yourself, no one else will.