Clean Up After Yourself At Fast Food Places!

I always felt strongly about this when it comes to eating at fast food joints. If you’re an adult, then learn to clean up after yourself at fast food places!

So why do this? Why clean up after yourself at fast food places?

You can clean up after yourself.

No, it’s certainly not your job. We all know that there’re cleaners around or the teenagers working part-time over there would do it for you.

Maybe it’s also not part of your culture. It’s more common in in other countries or whatever.

But… you aren’t five years old.

It’s your own crap. You can’t even clean up your own crap?

It’s not about job or culture. It’s also not just a little thing.

It’s personal, fucking pride.

This is what makes the difference between people who give a shit about themselves, hence others and those who don’t.

It’s the little things.

How you do anything is how you do everything!

That is why they don’t go far in life.

That is why they aren’t very well-liked or respected.

That is why they lack self-preservation.

That is why they’re really lonely people.

That is why they are unhappy.

So start with the little things today.

Make your bed.

Thank them for asking.

Thank the waiter, cashier or cab driver.

Thank them for having you.


Give up your seat for the elderly.

Text a friend you haven’t texted in a while.

Put your phone away during dinner.

Open the door for her.


Do some small shit today.

Your pride awaits you.

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