Busy is absolute bullshit

Everybody is busy today.

No, you don’t get special treatment just because you say that you’re busy.

Everybody has their work.

Everybody has their deadlines.

Everybody has their meetings.

Everybody has their important whatevers.

Stop letting ‘busy’ roll off your tongue because it’s so easy to say.

Stop letting that little thing occupy an entire block of your day when you know it will probably take some minutes or hours only.

Stop letting yourself become busy in the future just because you didn’t get off your bitch ass to do the work but instead decided to procrastinate.

Hell, stop allowing others make you become busy as you allow their problems to become your problems.

Maybe you ought to reconsider the importance of your relationship with that person entirely.

How long do you want to keep trying to connect with someone only to be shot down and told that they’re busy?

How much disappointment do you want to take before you decide to give up?

How much care do you want to put in for someone who clearly doesn’t want to do the same?

You’re not a dog. You are a person. Stop waiting around so much.

But hey, I get it… You’re indeed busy.

Yes. You have work.

Yes. You gotta rush for that deadline.

Yes. You’ve kids to attend to.

Yes. You’ve whatever.

I get it.

But where is the line drawn?

When can excuses stop turning into reasons?

When will “next time” actually become a time?

When will you become not so tired when well, in actual fact you aren’t even dying.

When will you realize you actually are fully capable to make shit happen for yourself if you were to simply try?

You decide for yourself.

Life is too short to always be busy.

You don’t want to be on your deathbed and look back into a life where you were too busy to actually do the things you want.

You don’t want to die knowing you were too busy to actually give a shit about your own life.

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