I hate it when my mom nags.

I hate it when my brother looks down on me.

I hate it when friends, despite having good intentions try to tell me what’s good for me or what I should do because they can come across as very insensitive.

I hate the fact that some of my teachers in school, when I was kid were strict as hell, shouting, yelling and scolding me whenever I didn’t understand the material.

I hate that my dad died too because it has left a lot of unanswered questions in my life, making me look for answers anywhere I can, be it through blogs, therapy or talking to others.

As you can see, I hate a lot of things. There is anger and frustration there. A lot of it stemmed from being angry at others as they try to force their truth down my throat. Ironically, even the ones with good intentions didn’t help, but made me even more frustrated.

It took me a while, but I finally decided to listen to myself. I finally decided to say, “Because I said so” to others.

It’s a tough choice honestly, as others usually think that they are right.

Hell, they could be right even, and I could be wrong.

But ultimately, I take steps today to ensure that the decision comes from me, otherwise I am not living my own my life.

“Because I said so.”

Say it.

It’s pretty powerful.

Right or wrong, it doesn’t matter. At least, it came from you.

Are you saying things from your heart? Or are you echoing others for fear of offending them?


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