I thought it was about time I wrote a little piece on introverts. I am one. That’s for sure. I’ve been seeing a trend in the rise of content across the web for introverts, in the form of articles, infographics, comics and stuff. And I too feel that it’s heavily needed because there’s a strong misunderstanding of what we are all about.

It’s not that we make it our life purpose to want to always be alone. The truth is we simply know we grow and evolve best when we’re by our lonesome.

It’s not that we’re feeling sad, depressed or “emo”. We just feel like having some alone time, no matter how we feel.

It’s not that we’re rude or unfriendly. We just feel a little spent and we don’t really have the energy to talk or get to know you better.

Oh, we’re definitely not shy. That’s just judgemental. That’s also too convenient.

It’s not that we’re “always” like this. You just caught us at a wrong time.

It’s not that we’re dismissive. It’s that most people don’t understand the intimate idea of being an introvert, and it gets very tiring after having to explain it so many times.

It’s not that we’re very territorial. We just need our own space.

It’s not that we’re trying to be rude, but it’s extremely disruptive when people invade our private space.

It’s not that we’re boring. We just think it’s okay to stay in on weekends, read a book and avoid the bars and parties.

It’s not that we’re antisocial. It’s not that we don’t fit in. We just think it’s perfectly fine to be at a gathering, and still want to be alone. We like to observe.

It’s not that we’re hard to reach, or uncooperative. We just want to drop the phone, social media or other communication means for a bit.

It’s not that we’re “artsy fartsy”, “hipster” or whatever. We just so happen to like expressing our thoughts out into written, readable form.

It’s not that we don’t have many friends. We just like the having the few, close ones we already have. We hope to keep it that way.

It boggles our mind that the rest of the world don’t see the obvious fact that most successful, inspirational people are also introverts, despite their fame and fortune.

Eye contact isn’t our favourite thing.

We do get lonely too.

It’s annoying when the rest of the world don’t get it.


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