An Epic Rant: Guys, A Date With A Pretty Girl Who Asks You To Take Pictures Of Her Isn’t A Date All!

Have you ever went on a date with a pretty girl?

Or perhaps she’s gorgeous. Sexy. Winsome. Photogenic. Beautiful. The Apple of everybody’s eye.


I have. Several times.

And did they ask you to constantly ask you to take pictures, videos, snaps, stories or Boomerangs and shit so they can upload it on Instagram?

I have.

And it’s annoying as fuck.

It’s cumbersome.

It’s disruptive.

Imagine going for a nice walk or having a nice dinner and they ask you to snap a picture, of them.

And then they proceed to spend the next few damn minutes uploading that shit on whatever fucking social network so their friends can like it .

But that’s not all!

Sometimes, because you’re not a professional photographer like most normal humans, you take shitty pictures.

They whine. They complain. They make you do a retake! God!

That’s more precious seconds gone!

Guys, for fuck’s sake. This is not a damn date at all!

I don’t care how pretty she is. Pretty is common and pretty girls are everywhere.

What counts more is personality and a cool outlook on life.

You can’t know any of that shit if you guys don’t converse.

If she’s so obsessed with herself and in turn, her damn mobile phone, then she’s honestly a bimbo who’s not self-aware enough to know what kind of shitty date she makes.

“Oh come on, she’s a nice girl.”

Is what most newbie dudes who don’t know better would argue.

Fuck that. I don’t care how nice she is.

I don’t care how her friends say how nice she is either.

She sure ain’t nice enough to give you the attention for the date no?

Nice is boring. Niceness is a good trait, but it’s still boring.

Does she have passions in life?

What is she talented in?

Does she read books?

Is she able to stay calm during emotionally-heated situations?

What does she do for a living?

Is she honest enough to tell you how she feels about you? Or is she going to ghost you like how she does to other dudes because it’s so much easier?

If she doesn’t give a fuck enough to want to talk to you and share her life, then she doesn’t give a fuck about you. Period.

You’re dude. You‘ve balls in between your legs. You’re a dude who has every right to stand up for what he believes in.

You’re a dude who gets to enjoy a date too.

So what if she’s pretty and nice? If she’s boring as shit, then she ain’t good enough for you.

Please, for the love of god. I don’t care how long you’ve been pinning after this pretty little thing.

Being attracted to her doesn’t mean you deserve to go on a date to do meaningless shit.

And if you think that you’re scoring points just by taking pictures of videos of her, think again.

She probably thinks the selfies taken with her front-camera looks better because she practices so damn hard.

Or she has probably has other dudes doing it for her.

Rant over.

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