An Artist’s Perspective On Why A Tokenized, Blockchain Platform Works For The World In Super Layman’s Terms

In case you all didn’t know, I am all for blockchain technology, coins, tokens, Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and all that.

In case you don’t know what these terms mean, please Google them first. You don’t need to have a deep knowledge on them since I don’t really have them myself. That’s the point of this article though.

I’ll talk about why I think it all works for us, for society and for the world from my perspective, a writer and an artist.

Some backstory

I hail from Steemit, a blogging platform on the Steem blockchain. This is my account. In short, I get to write and blog about anything I want there, earn their tokens (called Steem), trade them in the open market for Bitcoin then cash out for actual money.

This has been my gateway into the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. I learn as I go along. I’ve never been a technical guy, so I try my best to take in what I can.

Does this shit work?



By doing just that: I write on the platform. I earn the tokens, trade’em for Bitcoin and then cash out for actual money.

At this point, if you’re already doubting, it’s because you have doubts and want to doubt

For whatever doubts you may have, I know it’s there in many forms:

“That sounds too good to be true.”

“Really? It works that easily?”

“That sounds like some MLM bullshit.”

“I don’t trust Bitcoin. It’s not regulated. It’s created out of thin air.”

“It’s a bubble.”

“It’s just a fad.”

“The only reason why Bitcoin and all these tokens make people money is due to hype and speculation alone.”

And so on.

I am not here to argue with you on this. As said, if you’re doubting, it means you’ve doubts and probably want to doubt. If you don’t want to believe, it means you don’t want to believe. That’s fine by me. To each his own. Some of us believe in it, some of us don’t.

I am just here to share my perspective.

The traditional world of business, marketing and even art is already tokenized

I’ve written about my woes, struggles and even anger about my journey as a blogger.

I love to write. So I executed the whole “quit my job to follow my dream” thing 6 years ago and started this blog.

But alas, I started out as a mere internet marketer, not a writer.

Over the years, I learnt what it took to create an email list, pitch guest blogs, connect with other entrepreneurs, write sales copy and of course, make money online on my own.

Despite my success, I grew to hate what I was doing. I hated it so much that I eventually rejected whatever I learnt, despite it meaning killing my income.

Why? Because almost every aspect of marketing and business is already tokenized, in which a complicated idea is made seemingly simple to only benefit the seller; in which human emotions are treated as mere commodities.

And it’s turning people into sneaky assholes.

Let me just list down the “tokens” actively traded:

  • Ideas like passion, following your heart and chasing your dreams are turned into buzzwords that fuel a moneymaking machine.
  • That moneymaking machine is usually some bullshit “How to make money/How to create a business based on your dreams” course that’s expensive as fuck. If you dig deeper into this, you’ll see that it’s a thinly-veiled, pyramid scheme. Many naive folks have wasted their money on such courses. Yes, you can bet that the sellers preyed on their insecurities and unfulfilled life of not having a passion and not having financial freedom.
  • Even the idea of wanting to help others has turned into a form of hypocrisy, in which it’s a seductive mask to lure others in first. Once the mask falls off, it’s all about selling again. Once they realize they can’t get money out of you, they will not even put the mask back on, but turn their back against you entirely.
  • There is no real friendship. It’s all connections or worse, all about networking. Sadly, many people think it can be a real friendship.
  • The fake friends hence hand out their ‘free tokens’ by offering to help and check in on you and all that. But trust me, there will be an upsell and the conversation will not last long because they’re too busy hustling and whatever.
  • Success stories are convenient references to boost some unproven idea. They also work as cheerleaders to push you into doing work blindly.
  • Hell, most testimonials and reviews you read are either made up or paid for.
  • Seeking inspiration and motivation have become akin to watching porn. Worse, some people are cashing in on this form of porn, like how some YouTubers film themselves helping the homeless (once ever.)
  • News, stories and headlines are clickbait crap that don’t seek to tell the truth.
  • The companies running these news are littered with their own disruptive tokens called ads.
  • Everything can only make sense to people in this world with the pressence of money.

And so on.

This is the part I am called jaded, whiny and totally unrealistic

It’s your right to think so. Go ahead. But I dare say, your instant reaction of that manner is merely another token you’ve been drowning in since you were born. And if you’re an entrepreneur or marketer in that world above, you’ve been making up tokens, or rather, excuses to not explore another world.

You can believe whatever you want. I say, more power to you as long as you can find peace and some form of fulfilment that way. Heck, I’ll never debase one’s lifestyle despite me disagreeing with the context you’re in.

(Here’s another token: It irks the fuck out of me that entrepreneurs and self-helpers completely look down on people who choose to be employed, calling them stuck in the matrix or whatever. I happen to think that there’re many amazing people who are working jobs and contributing to society or making sure their kids grow up well.)

Everyone is trying their best. As am I. The difference is that some like to dictate what should be ‘best’ for everyone around them.

My beliefs and support in the world of blockchain technology, tokens and coins come in this artistic fold:

I believe in a world where artists can create whatever they want without even having to compromise at all. Quality, while omnipresent in nature, would not be the basis for a standard that provides results because it is subjective in itself. In other words, artists are paid to express themselves.

I believe in a world where people don’t have to lie that they want to help people.

I believe in a world where the successful don’t nonchalantly dish out platitudes like, “It’s survival of the fittest”, “It’s a dog eat dog world out there” or “Too fucking bad” on the less unfortunate because honestly, some people, simply don’t have the means to work hard and attain success despite a willing spirit.

I believe in a world where money is more evenly distributed, meaning with clear, unique pathways and opportunities for all. That said, it is the path to money that matters, not as an end-goal used to justify literally everything. (This reminds me of a story of a friend whose wife was diagnosed with cancer. He told me how distraught he was and how he was emotionally affected throughout the ordeal. It worked out for him in the end as his wife is in remission and they had a generous payout from their insurance policy.

His agent merely told me, “Please! The only reason he’s able to talk like that is because of the money he got!”)

I believe in a world where we don’t just make connections or network. We make friends, ones who don’t disappear after the benefit has been transacted.

I believe in a world where despite having different beliefs about and different amounts of money, we can all get along.

And I believe in a world where artists can live comfortably while giving a part of themselves to the world.

Perhaps all of this sound idealistic and even naive…

But for change to come, it has to start somewhere.

In this technological world where things are moving extremely fast, the advent of blockchain, tokenized platforms and assets and new ways to work is that start we need.

If you’re still resistant, I’d strongly encourage you to do things (at your own pace) that contribute to things even bigger than yourself:

“The world that we see around us is built on a story. Every culture has a different set of answers to these basic questions. Who are you? What is it to be a human being? What’s important? What’s valuable? Where do we come from? Where are we going? How does the world work?”

“Every culture answers the same different way. And science provides some answers.”

“… We’re learning that’s there’s a limit to that. And we’re learning that there’s not an external universe out there, but everything we do to this world, we’re doing on some level to ourselves.”
“That is a wound we feel all the time…”

“… that pain of existing in our culture that’s so omnipresent that we don’t even realize it. Except when we’re bored. You know? That pain of, “Why does it hurt to exist?”

“We’re moving into a different story. A different story of self, a different story of the world and a different story of the people.”

“Being in service to something larger than yourself. And I’d offer that as the formula for stepping into the flow of synchronicity.”

“And what is this thing? What is it that unifies all of these different things that we’re committed to?
Let’s call it the more beautiful world the heart knows is possible.”

“As you go about your life, in fact, right now, feel that part of you that knows that you’re in service. Ask yourself if you’re ready to bow in that service. If you do it, I predict that you’ll experience an unexpected opportunity to act on that intention. And it’ll be at just the edge of your courage… but not past it.”

If you still think every above is bullshit, it’s your right to say so, but man, you haven’t lived.

Doubts and beliefs. You can have them all.

Or not.

With technology as it is today, I don’t see why there needs to be limits. I’ve personally achieved many times over, states of mind and relationships pertaining to the world I believe in above.

I’ve made my choice. It’s a crazy one to most. But that’s why I am the artist.

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