Advice For Young People That Isn’t Dumb As Fuck

I am just going to get into it:

Assholes don’t apologize. They are wrong. You’re right. But you’re not getting that apology. So just move the fuck on and avoid them from here on out.

Ideas mean fuck-all and are essentially worthless. It really doesn’t matter how hyped one of your ideas make you feel. It also doesn’t matter if it’s aligned with your passion. Do the work, take action and see if it works for you.

Breakups hurt. It all hurts. It’s scary as fuck to face a future without someone you’re used to having around you all the time. The point of breaking up will always hurt. Everyone goes through it. But, you’ll be fine.

So have the balls to break away from a relationship that isn’t working out anymore. There’re tons of relationships waiting for you for the rest of your life.

Busy is bullshit. Because everybody is busy today. If something or someone means something to you, you’ll make that time. You’ve the rest of your life to be busy at any moment. It’s really up to you if you want to snap out of it and un-busy yourself out of the things that are legitimately making you busy.

You’re going to fall out with some of the friends you grew up with. Why? Because people change whether you fucking like it or not.

Studying is just a phase of life and getting an education is a privilege. Stop fucking whining how hard it is to study. Crack the books and just study.

Only insecure losers argue publicly on social media.

Start your business idea today as a hobby and don’t wait anymore. Because trust me, should you start it in the future with all the expectations a wide-eyed, idealistic young entrepreneur has, you’re going to be stressed out and disappointed a lot. Because trust me again, business works that way. You might as well start young with zero expectations and take it step by step.

Guys, a date with a pretty young thing who constantly wants you to take pictures of her and for her only so she can upload that shit on Instagram is not a fucking date at all! Because it’s cumbersome as fuck.

You’re growing up while your parents are growing old.

There’re assholes out there who know how to use words to manipulateyou for their own advantage. So if someone is too nice to you for no real reason, they’re liars. You should stay away.

All, and I mean all, entrepreneurs who make their money by teaching others how to make money are scammers. Period. They’re involved in a thinly-veiled Multi-level marketing scheme. Don’t waste your money on this shit. Just learn yourself by doing.

If you need to make up a lame excuse to justify a friend’s bad behavior, then that friend is toxic as fuck and you should dump them immediately.

Are you uncomfortable as hell in large groups? Perhaps you don’t suffer from anxiety. You could just be introvert. Explore that shit and embrace it to understand yourself better.

You’re truly young as fuck today. Stop worrying so much. Let old people worry about old people shit.

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