Adventure And Compassion: That Special Needs Kid On The Bus

Yesterday, while taking the bus to the train station, a kid with special needs got on the bus and started to interact with several people.

He squeezed in between me and a girl for a seat, which made me wonder at first why he had to choose that particular spot since there were so many other available seats around.

He started touching the bag which was on the girl’s lap. She woke up. Yes, she was asleep at first.

She smiled at him.

He asked for the time by pointing towards his own wrist. She obliged.

He started playing with the soft toy keychain on her bag. She let him.

He turned towards me and pointed to his wrist, a concerned look on his face, but no words came out. I showed him my watch.

The girl left her seat and went to the exit door, waiting to alight soon.

The special needs kid then switched seats. He chose a spot beside another girl.

From behind, I saw him touch her on the shoulder and then her bag. She smiled at him.

I then saw him take out a card he had on him. I saw the words, “SPECIAL NEEDS” on it.

The girl played along.

Eventually, we all alighted at the train station.

The boy wandered off on his own, bravely.

It was nice to see that the girls didn’t kick up a fuss or were even creeped out just because they had the ‘right’ to be. I know of people who would act on that right.

It was nice to see the kid venture out on his own.

Sometimes life ain’t so bad and it’s filled with good people.

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