A Birthday For This Blog: 6 Years Of Insanity

Today is my birthday.

And hence, it is also this blog’s birthday.

The birth of Alden-Tan.com and my writing journey started something insane for me.

Warning: There’re no big numbers for you in this story. There is no extreme rag-to-riches milestones. And neither is there a product for you to buy at the end.


Started out as a fake writer

All I honestly cared about was being my own boss at home and making money.

That was the dream, or so I called it that.

I “hustled” hard, screamed “no excuses!” at myself, imbued “passion” and told the world that I “love helping others.”

I have never not killed my soul so badly before as I chased money so hard.

A very tough lesson here is that you should start with the intention of being true to yourself and never compromise your beliefs and goals are. All I cared about was making money. As a result, the way I functioned was telling myself, “If it makes me money, I’ll definitely love doing it” in everything I did.

Money is important in life. It’s a factual element in society. But it’s merely a means to an end. And that end cannot be reached if you aren’t even doing what you care about in the first place.

If you want to make money, make good money, not bad money

In my fake persona as a writer, I did eventually make some good money for myself. It felt good, for a while.

But I remember in working hard to make that money, I cringed while doing everything I did. I wrote about shit I didn’t care for. I promoted shitty affiliate products. I partnered up with other internet marketers who did shit I didn’t feel was right.

I eventually grew so tired and icky about them all I just stopped doing it despite it killing my income.

The money made was simply not good money. They were bad money. And bad money will always disappear. During your endeavours, you should feel extremely good about it every step of the way. There’re not missteps for you. If you think it’s a misstep, then you’re going out of line which is not good for you. One moment of straying from the path of being true to yourself can make you lost for a long, long time.

Of annoying buzzwords, contrived elements and the “successful” people who use them

The air quotes I’ve been using is to emphasize how much I hate buzzwords and contrived elements of business. The industry is filled with them and alas, the machine that runs it usually allows people who don’t stay true to themselves to “win.”

It’s easy to think that it’s how the world works. It’s easy to think that it’s even right to use them just to make a living.

But I disagree. There has to be a line drawn.

Again, stay true to yourself. Ignore others. You don’t want to end up creating work or art that comes across as unauthentic anyway.

If you’re going to do the work, then take direct action for direct results, not stupid shit hoping for miracles

I remember at times when I felt so down and broke, I’d read up on the things successful people do, things which they claim were game-changers.

They include things like meditation, going for walks, practising the law of attraction, praying, tapping into your energies and other woo-woo shit.

All of this are not miracle-workers. They’re only going to make you feel better for a little.

If you want to see results, then do actual work that gives the results in a sensible way. E.g. If you want to network and make the right connections, then reach out in a sincere way. You’re not going to meet people by sitting down on your ass and meditating. If you want to publish the best damn book ever, then write everyday and keep learning.

But again, be sure you’re doing things you believe in.

If you want to help others, you don’t need to let the entire world know about it

Nothing else honestly needs to be said here. If you’re a nice person, you’re a nice person. Period. The people who keep announcing to the world how much they love help others are just salespeople. If someone claims this to you, run away.

If you bother to write down the amazing shit you’ve done in life, you’d realize how great you are

My list includes: Going for therapy to deal with my anger. Adopting a dog to give him a home. Learning how to cook. Dealing with toxic relationships in the best, mature way possible. Travelling solo. Still going hard as a Bboy. Made money totally on my own and making boss-moves everyday without relying on others. Creating a following on my own on Steemit, Quora and Medium. Staying fit at 33 years old.

And yeah, staying true to myself in all the work I do.

Just write them down. You’re more amazing than you think. Ignore others when they ask how come it does not include money. Read what you wrote and feel good about yourself for once.

The Why Of the Die

I decided that I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life working a job because my dad died.

It hit me hard knowing that we all will die one day. When you face death so close to you, so many things in life would suddenly become so small and insignificant.

Since my dad’s death, I’ve witnessed more than a handful of deaths in close relationships, including friends and friends’ loved ones.

Whatever your ‘Why’ is in life, make it a fucking strong one and don’t let go.

I don’t want to just preach “Don’t give up”

But yeah…

Life can be very fulfilling in many non-conventional ways.

You just need to be kind of insane.

That’s how you grow and evolve to be the person you can be proud of.

Celebrate your birthday

You’re too young to keep saying, “It’s just another day.”

Thanks :)

If you wanna make me happy, buy my book 100 Days Of No-Bullshit Happiness!

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