You’re all grown up today and now you’re thinking like:

“Wait, we were the uncool kids back in high school?”

“Wait, now I am the one creating drama?”

“Wait, I made that mistake that I thought I never would?”

“Wait, I’ve become that which I have sworn to destroy?”


Image is not mine

Isn’t it funny, that the people who whisper, “Be the bigger person” are the ones standing on the shoulders of giants?

Just something I always thought about. I find that people who are really quick to say, “Be the bigger person” are the little ones who don’t want to do the work. They ride on the confidence of giants because they’re too insecure to face challenges in…

Because blood is thicker than water.

But for some, their families ain’t so great. Maybe their parents were abusive assholes or they weren’t even around.

For some, friends are the family instead.

Because sometimes, family can’t be friends. It doesn’t have that friendship factor.

You can’t talk shit.

You can’t…

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