• I stopped giving a fuck.
  • No, really. The two forces that are “I really wanna help people” and “I want to make a living out of this” clash really badly to the point it’s hypocritical.
  • Yet, I’ve learnt that any real artist and entrepreneur would recognize that finding the balance between the two is how you actually can succeed as both artist and entrepreneur.
  • Yet, there’re so many bullshitters out there who claim they’re not in it for the money or just love helping people as if they’re the pope.
  • Typical lists and bullet points can be annoying and insincere…

So last week I went for a job interview for a position at a nightclub that’s going to be opening here soon.

It went pretty well I must say. The interviewers seemed to like me and they even ended it with, “We’ll probably hire you.”

That’s dope of course! I am stoked and excited as I wait for the confirmation.

I started texting my friend about it, someone who was actually my manager back when I was working part-time at another club.

He was encouraging and supportive somewhat, but somehow, the conversation veered towards well, typical bullshit I hear about…

This is to prove that you don’t really need to be super smart or honest to (mis)lead people into thinking that you’re a cool, sophisticated person who looks as if he’s got his shit together and leading a meaningful life.

It’s all about drawing attention from the outside, not the insides.

And this shit works, cause I was duped into thinking some so-called friends were really cool people when in reality, they were nothing but insecure losers.

1) Travel to one country and talk about that country only

It is with a tinge of sadness and tons of thoughts on my mind now that I type this to you.

The last couple of emails I sent were regarding my grandma being admitted in the hospital due to a fall she had. After being in a coma for 6 days, she peacefully passed away around midnight on the first day of Lunar New Year.

One could say it was the fall that caused her death. One could say it was the fainting spell she had and hence it was coming because of her old age of 85.

One could…

Because blood is thicker than water.

But for some, their families ain’t so great. Maybe their parents were abusive assholes or they weren’t even around.

For some, friends are the family instead.

Because sometimes, family can’t be friends. It doesn’t have that friendship factor.

You can’t talk shit.

You can’t share your sexual fantasies and stuff.

You can’t divulge your dirty secrets.

You can’t have that listening ear who’s of the same age.

Some family stay forever. Some don’t.

But the same can be said for friends.

Yet, family is important.

Why? You just know it is somehow.

Even if…

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