8 Pieces Of Controversial Advice On How To Take In Real And Good Advice

Boy I sure wish someone was there for me back then to actually give me real and good advice so I can stay far away from bullshit!

Check it!

1) Your Mom Loves You Too Much To Give You Real And Good Advice

I repeat and emphasize: Your mom loves you too much.

And therefore, not everything she says is actually good for you.

Why? Because an overwhelming amount of love comes with paranoia that obscures your future; your bigger picture. It’s also annoying as fuck when she starts to nag.

Your mom may love you, but she is not you. She also comes from a different generation where things work differently. You need to man up, ignore her and do shit on your own, even if it hurts her.

2) If you think the book sucks, stop reading it

I don’t care if a successful person recommended it and claims it changed his life.

I don’t care if you found it in a viral, Top 10 article.

I don’t care if it has many raving reviews.

If you think the book sucks, stop reading it. There is no point in reading something while dreading every minute of it. You will absolutely not absorb anything.

A book which will inspire you will come along soon enough.

3) Some successful people are merely salesmen

Think they care about the greater good that is your growth and well-being?

Think again.

Everything they say or do is strategically engineered to take your money only.

If your bullshit alarm goes off when talking to some successful person or if their product or service is ridiculously expensive, run. And don’t look back.

4) Good advice can actually be free or cheap as hell

That said, the notion that is “You get what you pay for” need not necessarily always apply to advice, help, and growth.

Although we’re immersed in a consumer culture today, if you search hard enough, you can find a gem that isn’t expensive or is completely free. This is why I always advise people to simply read books and not go for seminars, courses or pay for coaching.

So please do your own research and yes, ignore the salespeople. They’re mostly sleazy fucks and can never give you real and good advice.

5) The friends around you may not be your friends at all

And therefore, their advice to you cannot help. In fact, some of them don’t even care about you.

Because they’re toxic. They’re cowards. They’re insecure.

Sounds harsh?

Alas, it’s an unfortunate fact of life, but it takes a lot of growing up over time to know who your real friends are. You’ll lose some of them and it can be a good thing.

Stop making excuses for your friends. I don’t care if you’ve known them for a long time. If you’re uncomfortable around them or you’re unhappy when they show up, it’s time to seriously re-evaluate the friendship.

6) Your relationship is at the end of the line and your partner doesn’t love you anymore

And therefore too, what they tell you isn’t good for you.

Nothing more needs to be said here. End the relationship and simply walk away. It’s time. Dragging it out any longer will only result in more fights, drama and pain.

7) Fuck blogs. Seek professional help

Because some bloggers are just so full of cliched shit. Some of them are just sleazy marketers too who don’t even write their own shit. They just want to make a quick buck from you. None of that is ever real and good advice.

It’s extremely easy to create a blog today, claim that your passion is to help others and then write some generic list article that is actually stolen or rehashed from elsewhere. This doesn’t mean the blogger knows his shit or actually cares about you.

Get professional advice instead. Go for therapy. See a doctor and get meds even. It’s in my personal opinion that getting help from people who studied for it is always better.

8) Take advice from people who actually dare to speak up

Like me.

Real and good advice that can actually help and change the world are the ones who dare to speak the truth and even go against others’ beliefs.

The people who don’t, especially in this connected world of social media are all simply parroting each other.

If it’s the same generic, repeated shit, it’s going to lose its effect.

So even if it’s scary and different, take it in, and listen. This is why I listen to Ryan Holiday, Julien Smith (He has stopped blogging, but do listen to his Podcasts.) and Mark Manson.


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